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Rose Sex Toy Sucking Vibration For Women


10 frequency sucking. Vibration: the most vivid love experience, it sucks first and then vibrates. The rotating air flow generated by internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris and chest, and the flexible swinging tongue is gentle and powerful. The gradual experience activates the sensitive points of your whole body. Just press it gently to get another joy with different suction. It feels like an electric shock when it comes into contact with the body, it tremors the G-spot and lets the G-spot tremble incessantly to let one reach orgasm quickly.


Rose love, take it, meet your long-awaited tongue love fantasy, which will give you an extraordinary experience of love, and let you be satisfied with life from now on.

The small and exquisite rose shape has strong privacy. You can easily take it out, accept it and make it a happy partner in your spare time.

One piece delicate silicone: it is silicone wrapped, sanitary and tasteless, there is no bacteria residue, it is life waterproof. It can be washed directly after playing. It is easy to clean. It feels comfortable to play with.

Worry free endurance and convenient USB charging will make you enjoy the pleasure of about 2 hours after being fully charged.